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Senior Front End Engineer
Lisbon, Portugal

We are actively looking for a Senior Front End Engineer for our client, who caters to the likes of the companies Adidas, Lego, HBO, Finavia, FC Liverpool etc. You would be working along with Data Scientists, Designers, and Backend/DevOps Specialists.

Based out of the Lisbon city center office, the Senior Front-end Engineer will be invited to solve juicy digital challenges at scale, share expertise with others, and work closely with the teams in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, NYC and Tokyo. You should enjoy working on-site and spending time with the team.

As a Senior Front-end Engineer you:

  • Write complex software from scratch with functional JavaScript/TypeScript utilising the latest libraries

  • Take care of both the technical and human side of projects

  • Are familiar with React / Vue, automated testing & deployment

  • Dabble outside of the browser every now and then (e.g. setup simple CI pipelines)

  • Scribble a small humble piece of HTML sprinkled with JavaScript hosted on Netlify when it’s the simplest thing that gets the job done


  • 5+ years of experience in Front-end (or experience in all of the above)

  • Look forward to taking an active part in shaping your team’s ways of working and programming practices

  • Enjoy working with juniors and seniors on the shiny and dirty bits of the codebase. Ivory Tower Architects need not apply

  • View your colleagues and clients as individuals with their respective strengths and weaknesses

  • Believe that sometimes tech is best solved with no code at all, but by talking to the right people

  • Live in Lisbon or within a comfortable commute range to be able to work from our beautiful office


  • Flexible working hours

  • Work trips between EU offices

  • Team activities and get-togethers

  • Compensation of self-development activities (courses, conferences, certifications, etc.)

  • Get paid to do Open Source work

  • Company shares

  • The latest computer and phone of your choice

  • Extended health insurance

  • Screens, keyboard, headphones

  • Healthy and not-so-healthy snacks and drinks at the office

  • Travel expenses

  • Phone subscription

  • Home internet expenses coverage

  • Company trips twice a year (when the pandemic situation permits)


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